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The best places to visit in and around the Kalinago Territory:


The Pagua Bay Restaurant and Bar & Grill

The Pagua Bay Restaurant and its ‘Bar and Grill’ is only 18 minutes drive away from our cottage. It offers a stunning 180 degree ocean view from an industrial chic setting, complete with cool breezes and the tranquil sounds of waves crashing before you. The restaurant takes a farm to table approach, using local products whenever possible. You’ll find them in everything from their main dishes to their freshly baked goods, jellies, ice cream, soups and other handcrafted meals. Fresh ingredients are used as a rule of thumb. Their Pagua Bay Bar & Grill offers a full complement of beverages including a variety of wine by the glass, cold beer in a frosty mug, and fresh local juices that make our specialty drinks all the more special. Choose from a variety of local island rums or head straight to paradise with our renowned Centipede Rum Punch. All in one gorgeous setting.


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Quick Meals and Eateries

The Cassava Bakery

The Cassava Bakery, right in the Kalinago Territory is just 4 minutes drive away from the cottage. The most delicious cassava bread you will ever eat in all your life; baked by our own indigenous people, the Kalinago.


Arts & Culture

The following sights are in near vicinity:

Waitubukuli Barana Autê

Waitubukuli Barana Autê by the Sea, is the Cultural Centre of Dominica’s indigenous people. It’s just 2 minutes away by car to see the arts and crafts of our people. Watch dancing, music, pottery, history, and culture all in one place. 2 minutes drive


Hiking & Other Sightseeing

L’Escalier Tête Chien

The L’Escalier Tête Chien  (Stairs of the Dog-headed Serpent) is a finger of volcanic rock which juts out into the Atlantic ocean but which appears like a natural staircase emerging from the ocean to the foot of the cliffs. According to Kalinago legend, a great serpent named Bakwa originating all the way from South America, came up from the seas and climbed the stair. It slithered up the Madjini mountain to finally settle in a cave in there. Legend has it that this serpent established the first Kalinago village of Sineku. To add to this legend of the serpent, it is said to still reside in the cave and was visited regularly by the first Kalinago on the island.

The serpent is described as having a head shaped like a dog’s head, a characteristic of the Boa constrictor nebulosa (Dominican clouded boa constrictor). The stairs of the dog-headed serpent is featured in the children’s book ‘Snake King of the Kalinago’, written by children from the Kalinago (Carib) Territory. The book was published in 2010 by Papillote Press.

The rock features in myth and legend of the Kalinago people and is only 9 minutes by car. A half day tour to the L’Escalier Tête Chien also includes a short hike to the Madjini Pool. This tour takes approximately 3 1/2 hours and can be booked at the Sineku Community Centre.


The Isulukati Falls

The Isulukati Falls is a small waterfall is in the heart of the Kalinago (Carib) Territory, located near the village of Crayfish River. Visitors will need to purchase a Site Pass to access this double tier waterfall site, one of the best waterfalls in Dominica. The environment is beautifully serene with spectacular vistas of the Atlantic coastline. The water falls cascades into the mythical Madjini (Mermaid) Pool at the base of the waterfall. The waters are shallow, perfect for bathing, taking a quick dip and a great site for a family outing.


The Mermaid or Madjini Pool

The Madjini Pool (the Majini Pool or Mermaid Pool) is a river pool just a short hike from L’Escalier Tête Chien. Kalinago legend has it that a mermaid lives under a supersized rock in the pool.


Horseback Ridge

This mountain ridge road links three Kalinago hamlets over a very high elevation with spectacular views of the Atlantic coastline. It takes a course beyond the typical hamlets and settlements located along the major highway, the Old Colonial Road. The connected hamlets are Bataca in the north, Salybia in the south and Touna (also known as Concord) to the west of the Kalinago community. It also has sub connections of scenic trails and footpaths taking the visitor to agricultural plots and family residences. The road was severely damaged during the Tropical Storm Erika in 2014 and was repaired in 2016.


Waitubukuli National Trail

The Waitubukuli National Trail is the longest hiking trail in the entire Caribbean and consists of 14 Segments. Breezes Cottage lies almost dead center between Segments 6 and 7 of the trail.

Hike Segment 6 of the trail. The trail starts at Castle Bruce, only 8.2 km away and ends at the Hatten Garden Estate, shortly after the village of Bataka. It passes through the Kalinago Territory, taking in the Isulukati Falls and the Horseback Ridge Road and provides stunning vistas of the Tourism National Parks Facility which provides services to the Waitubukuli National Trail and the Kalinago Barana Aute.

Hike Segment 7 of the trail. This part of the trail starts at Hatten Garden Estate, just after Bataka and is only 16 minutes drive or 8.4 km away.

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