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CWT Apnoea Freediving Record Attempt – Dominica Dive Fest 2017

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Colombian Freediving Champ Sofía Uribe Set to attempt World Record in Freediving

Sofía Gómez Uribe, the Columbian Freediving champ, is preparing to break the world record during the World Underwater Federation (CMAS) Freediving competition. Namely, the Constant Weight Apnoea competition which requires divers to hold their breath up to record depths using either Bifins or a Monofin.

Freediving champion Sofia G. Uribe
CWT Freediving Champion Sofía Gómez Uribe

The freediving competition takes place during the Dominica Dive Fest from ​July 2-16 and is hosted by the Dominica Watersports Association.

Dominica Dive Fest 2017
Dominica Dive Fest 2017


Constant weight (CWT) is a freediving discipline recognised by the AIDA International (International Association for Development of Apnea). A freediver must descend and ascend using either Bifins or a Monofin, with or without the use of his arms. The ballast weight cannot be changed and pulling is forbidden. Constant weight is one of three diving disciplines considered for international competition, the other two being ‘Static Apnea’ and ‘Dynamic with Fins’.

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Uribe will attempt a CWT BiFin freedive to 83 meters or more. Hosted by the World Underwater Federation (CMAS), the dive gives Sofia a world class opportunity to break the current 2016 record. Dive dates are scheduled for the 3rd, 5th and 7th of July consecutively.

Notwithstanding bad weather, Uribe will enjoy a day of rest between each dive day. Under these circumstances, Uribe’s chances of breaking the world record are considered high, also considering her previous records. Judging from her apparent focus, failure would also appear unlikely.


Sofía Gómez Uribe was born in Pereira, Columbia in 1992 and is 25 years of age today. She currently holds the Pan American and South American records in Apnoea Freediving. All things considered, Uribe appears to have great chances in breaking the world record in the upcoming days.

Sofía will also compete in the 5th Annual International Freediving Competition from August 19th – 21st in the Caribbean Cup 2017. The Caribbean Cup 2017 takes place in Roatan, Bay Island, Honduras.

Watch Sofía’s Training Video Trailer:


Alenka Artnik of Slovenia currently holds the CMAS world record with a depth of 82m which she achieved in 2016. As a result, Sofía Gómez Uribe’s dive must reach a depth of at least one additional meter depth. The CMAS World Championships 2016 was held in Kaş, Turkey. The video below shows Alenka Artnik’s record-breaking dive in Turkey, 2016:-


Started in 1994, Dominica’s Dive Fest is the Caribbean’s longest running scuba dive and water-sport festival. 2017 will hence mark its 23rd year since inception. Professional divers ultimately have the opportunity to connect with fellow divers from all over the world. Similarly, children and adults from around the world gather here each year in July to celebrate the Fest. Most noteworthy are whale watching and water sports which attract many visitors. Altogether, participants and celebrants can definitely look forward to an exciting and unforgettable experience.

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