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Where the Coconuts Grow – A Story of Survival through Hurricane Irma

Where the coconuts grow

A Story of Survival Through Hurricane Irma

This story of survival through Hurricane Irma by boaters Jody and her family from ‘Where the Coconuts Grow’, is really a short survival story of a married couple, their baby and dog, who were forced to separate shortly before Hurricane Irma bore down on the British Virgin Islands. It is told by the wife who had to hurriedly leave the island with their baby as the island was threatened by Hurricane Irma and what she went through worrying about her husband and their dog. The husband remained on the island to secure their boat and its contents, the sum of all the belongings which the couple owned.

Take comfort in Fall - Be Born Again

The unforgettable facts garnered from this story are as follows:

  1. Hurricane Irma was not only a Category 5 hurricane but Irma sustained 185 mph (295 km/h) winds for 37 hours. As such, Irma became the only tropical cyclone worldwide to have had winds that speed for that long, breaking the previous record of 24 hours set by Typhoon Haiyan of 2013. Source: Wikipedia.
  2. Hurricane Irma’s winds were 10 mph faster than Hurricane Maria’s winds, however, Hurricane Maria broke the world record for the lowest pressure in recorded history thus far, with 908mb.
  3. Points 1 and 2 make it very clear that the 2017 hurricane season has not only been catastrophic but it produced hurricanes that have each broken world records.
  4. Hurricane Irma blew windows out which were behind storm shutters. Given that Breezes Cottage’s windows survived behind hurricane shutters and noting the sheer penetration of water through the seals, we can only recommend that future home owners and builders do the following: a. Install double-glazed hurricane windows and b. despite double glazed windows always being accepted as ‘safe enough’, still install hurricane shutters in front of these for double protection. c. Go with the largest (according to size of shutters), sturdiest and most dependable hardware as possible.

Help Fund the Islands in the Survival Post Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Also take time to support one of the several funding initiatives for so many islands across the entire Caribbean, posted on Jody’s page at ‘Where The Coconuts Grow’. Many relief funds have been created in support of the islands affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Here are just a few of the links dedicated to supporting the devastated communities as a whole:. CLICK HERE TO READ THEIR STORY.


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