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East Coast Dominica Beaches

North-East Coast Dominica Beaches

Looking for a good beach while staying at Breezes Cottage? Many new visitors to our island don’t know that the North East coast of Dominica has quite a number of beaches, both black sand and white sand, some secluded and some not, which are all situated along a straight drive north of the Kalinago Territory and from the Breezes Cottage.

There are at least 58 beaches in Dominica, of which at least 28 are located on this part of the coast. Here is a short list in order going north including their driving distances from Breezes Cottage. There are little known beaches such as the Sophia Bay Beach and the Blenheim Beach which are not covered here in this list. This list will take you as far up as Thibaud (about 1 hour’s drive away to the north from the cottage):

Antrizle Beach

Antrizle Beach is a long and quiet beach which is a mixture of black and white sand and it’s perfect for those visitors who do not want busy and over-filled beaches. It’s best suited for swimming, picnics, and spending time walking along its shores. It’s just at the start of Pagua Bay before you hit the actual wild and exotic Pagua stretch along the sometimes wild waters of Pagua Bay. Drive 18 minutes; Distance: 9.2 km

Middle Bay

Middle Bay is a popular beach among locals who enjoy playing cricket, having picnics, barbecuing, cooking and its waters are warm and very pleasant. It’s located just outside the heart of Marigot and is less secluded than some beaches but its close proximity to the town gives it a great sense of liveliness and natural beauty which naturally attracts families and more intimate settings alike without being very secluded or remote. The Bay is accessible by footpaths from Marigot and the easiest path is located right next to the police station. You can park there and ask for directions if you need more assistance. Drive 24 minutes; Distance: 12.5 km.

Sandy Bay Beach

Sandy Bay Beach is located right within the small coastal village of Marigot. It is a small but popular beach for locals and very suitable for short breathers before taking the road again. This beach is located about half a kilometer from central Marigot. Drive 25 minutes north from Breezes Cottage; Distance: 12.8 km.

Londonberry Bay Beach

Londonderry beach was one of the breathtaking locations used in the film, Pirates of the Caribbean. The beach is a long, black sand beach which is wonderful to walk. The Londonderry river flows here into the sea. Drive 29 minutes north from Breezes Cottage; Distance: 14.7 km.

Walkers’s Rest Bay

Walker’s Rest Bay is situated a little further north of the Sophia Bay Beach. If you can get onto the cape that lies between the bay at Marigot, you’ll be rewarded with incredible vistas. Drive 35 minutes north of Breezes Cottage to find Walker’s Rest Bay; Distance: 19.2 km.

Woodford Hill Bay

The beach at Woodford Hill Bay boasts clear, warm waters and some good snorkeling spots. It also has some of the island’s softest beach sand that you can find. It’s also a beach that’s safe to swim if you’re traveling with minors and children. You’ll find the beach at Woodford Hill Bay if you go a quarter mile (about a half kilometer) east from L’Anse Noire. Drive 38 minutes; Distance: 21.5 km.

L’Anse Noire (Black Cove Beach)

The views here at L’Anse Noire are incredible, but the water is rough on this beach. This beach is really best suited to experienced swimmers and divers. Don’t try to be adventurous here if you know you’re not a good swimmer. Drive 41 minutes; Distance: 22.6 km

L’Anse Tortue (Turtle Cove Beach)

L’Anse Tortue (Turtle Beach) – L’Anse Tortue is one of Dominica’s softest sand beaches. Swimming can be rough, but you can enjoy laying a towel right on the soft sand to sunbathe, or take a barefoot stroll.

L’Anse Tortue is really a beach alongside a beautiful little hidden cove that is a favorite for surfers. It is also a white and black sand beach.

For surfers, the reef breaks out to the left hand side, and waves come out of deep water and hit a shallow reef. There’s also a beach break on the right side of the cove. Here are details for surfers:

  • Fantastic beach break, not consistently good due to the ever changing underwater topography, breaks good at times from the cliff outcrop
  • Natural channel in between both breaks
  • Drive 40 minutes; Distance: 23.1 km

Hodges Bay Beach

Hodges Bay Beach is a dark sand, natural beach surrounded by some of the best beaches on Dominica. It’s a quiet beach with much less crowds and will provide wonderful peace for those who do not like over-crowded beaches. Drive 43 minutes; Distance: 24.3 km

White Sands Beach

White Sands Beach is situated off the property of Pointe Baptiste. It is one of the lighter colored beaches on Dominica. While it might not compete with the white shores of the Bahamas or other Caribbean islands, White Sands Beach is definitely a Caribbean beach fit for those looking for paradise. This beach lies within traveling distance from Calibishie and is a quarter mile (a half kilometer) from Black Sands Beach. Drive 45 minutes; Distance: 26.1 km

Black Sands Beach

Black Sands Beach – One of the most famous beaches on the island, the Black Sands Beach is a very beautiful beach for those who fancy these kinds of beaches.It’s only a half mile (0.75 km) to the center of Calibishie. Drive 45 minutes; Distance: 26.1 km

Calibishie Beach

Calibishie Beach – The main beach of the Calibishie area, Calibishie Beach is lined with villas, shops, and people ready to relax. All this creates a fun mix of the more tourist oriented beaches of the south, and the calm quiet beaches of the north; a great beach on its own and an even better compromise. Drive 47 minutes; Distance: 27.4 km

Number One Beach

Number One Beach – Situated to a little to the south of Hamstead River, Drive 52 minutes; Distance: 29.3 km.

Hamstead Beach

Hamstead Beach – Drive 52.5 minutes; Distance: 29.9 km

Batibou Bay

Batibou Bay – One of the most photographed beaches on the island, Batibou Bay Beach is an expansive and secluded soft-sand beach. The sea bed is gently sloping so this is one of the safest beaches to swim at and you can wade out a good distance. The Atlantic Ocean here is at one of its calmest for swimming. There are lots of shady spots to rest and picnic and the mountainous backdrop further complements this serene paradise. It’s also located to the award winning Secret Bay villas. Here, you are not alone and there are opportunities to use facilities plus there’s a beach bar serving rum punch and snacks which is open daily from 10am – 5pm. Drive 53 minutes; Distance: 30.9 km

Anse de Mai (Anse du Mé)

Anse de Mai (Anse du Mé) is a beach that belongs to the bay of a little fishing village on the upper north-east coast of Dominica. It is ideal for people looking to experience and meet local Dominicans and is used mainly by local fishermen and the people living in the immediate area.

You’ll find Anse de Mai by driving about 20 minutes north of Calibishie. Drive just under an hour (52 minutes) from Breezes Cottage; Distance: 33 km.

Anse Soldat (Soldier’s Cove)

Anse Soldat is a very popular beach due to its location along the northern coastal resort area. It’s sometimes referred to as Anse Sol Dat. Anse Soldat is really a cove bordered by two long peninsulas. It’s topography results in rough waters but it is equally known for its calm waters.

This beach is a people’s favourite and remains the beach of choice for guests staying along the northern coast. Due to its relative peacefulness, it’s usually popular among beach-goers, local fishermen and swimmers.

There’s also an art gallery at Anse Soldat, called the Indigo Art Gallery which is a pleasing respite for art lovers. As a result, Anse Soldat is very well placed for social interactions, respite, relaxation and its amenities. There are no public bathrooms so visitors will have to purchase eats and drinks at any nearby food outlet that has its own bathrooms. It remains one of the more favorite beach destinations.

Drive 58 minutes from Breezes Cottage; Distance: 34 km

Anse Soldat West (Soldier’s Cove West)

Anse Soldat West – Drive 59 minutes; Distance: 34.5 km